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Ohio Automobile Dealers Association Chosen to Manage the Toledo Automobile Dealers Association

We are pleased to announce our new management approach for the Toledo Automobile Dealers Association (TADA).

Your Board of Trustees have worked diligently to make a decisive approach of what will be in the TADA members best interest, especially given the fact that replacing our paid lead staff person has not been a task we have faced in over three decades

Our Association Executive, Clay Hepler, Sr., has accomplished much, nourished the association and created a financially secure TADA over the past thirty-two years. Organizations such as ours could only wish they had a person as loyal and dedicated as Clay for that duration. We all wish him only the best in his retirement.

Effective, October 1, 2004, the management of TADA will be handled by the staff of the Ohio Automobile Dealers Association (OADA), headed by Tim Doran. While this is a unique approach for us, it isn’t a new approach for OADA. They currently manage the Columbus Automobile Dealers Association, the Ohio Motorcycle Dealers Association, the Heavy-Duty Truck Division of OADA as well as the activities of OADA, a 1,000 member statewide dealer group.

We believe they bring many additional resources "to the table" for TADA and we look forward to their involvement. Obviously, many details and developments will unfold over the ensuing weeks and months. We, as a board, are really excited about this opportunity and urge your continued and increase support for TADA.

This management change will not affect TADSCO, your services corporation, which will continue to be lead and operated by Clay Hepler, Jr. We urge your continued support and expanded participation in TADSCO.

Sincerely, Michael Rouen, President – TADA