The Auto Dealers United for Kids


United we can do anything!

The Auto Dealers United for Kids has raised close to $1 million for local children's charities in the Greater Toledo area. On Tuesday, April 28th, the Auto Dealers United for Kids, the charitable arm of the Toledo Automobile Dealers Association, donated $174,000 to local children’s charities in the Toledo area. The beneficiaries included the Northwest Ohio Scholarship Fund, East Toledo Family Center, Double ARC, Good Grief of Northwest Ohio, Toledo Day Nursery, Family and Child Abuse Prevention Center, Make-A-Wish. Endowment contributions were also make to the University of Toledo ADUK-TADA Scholarship Endowment and the Owens Community College ADUK-TADA Scholarship Endowment.

The annual ADUK Gala, where the funds were raised, is a charity preview event that takes place the night before the Greater Toledo Auto Show opens to the public each year. The 2015 ADUK Gala was a casino night presented by The Blade and Hollywood Casino. The event featured gaming tables and dealers from Hollywood Casino. Attendees were entertained by previewing the cars at the Auto Show and playing blackjack, craps, and roulette. A fun time was had by everyone in attendance, all while raising money for some wonderful causes!

ADUK was formed 12 years ago by several new car dealers in Toledo that wanted to give back in a bigger way to the community where they make their living. This year’s ADUK committee was chaired by Mike Rouen of Rouen Automotive and also included Marianne Ballas, Mike Barchick, Robb Brown, Paul Devers, Bobby Jorgensen, Tim Mathews, Andrea Musselman, Pat Stark, Dave White, Jr., and John Yark. The above dealers work tirelessly on this event and deserve credit for another successful year in giving back to the community and children of Toledo.

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TADA Educational Seminars

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